The Birthday Wake
posted: October 5, 2009
The evening had started off fine. It was Siggy's birthday and Harry was out to show him a good time. After throwing his money around in Canon's (and getting a buy-back from Big Walter, who never gives anyone a free drink -- it really was a red letter day!), Harry dragged Siggy over to Broadway and they zig zagged their way downtown, stopping off at every bar along the way.

By the time they got to 16th Street, they were loaded but good, and Siggy started bawling over Mary (again) and Harry took a swing at him to shut him up and they both wound up limply throwing swats at each other that never landed. That's the last that either of them remember.

So here it is, morning, and the boys are just coming out of the fog, after having a couple of nips at the hair of the hound that bit them.

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