Under the High Wire - Do Over
posted: September 23, 2009
I was thinking the original picture I did (at bottom) was overly sentimental and...corny. So I decided to do it straight. I think I like this one better. But then I thought...maybe no towers at all?...
Last night I watched James Marsh's 2008 documentary, "Man on Wire" which chronicles Philippe Petit's high-wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974.

What struck me most about the film was the relationship between Petit and the two people closest to him, his girlfriend Annie and Jean Louis, his boyhood friend and right-hand man. They were both devoted to Petit and his dream of "walking in the clouds" and spent years working toward it, according to the film. But as soon as Petit had accomplished his remarkable, breathtaking and glorious feat, he abandoned his friends and leapt into the spotlight of celebrity and media adulation.  Jean Louis and Annie returned to France.

The entire movie was fascinating: both the suspense of the caper and the artistry and creative expression of Petit's high-wire walks were riveting, but what I came away with most of all was the touching attachment that Jean Louis and Annie still felt for their old friend Petit who had left them so far behind.
So here it is without towers....
And this was the original, below.