E L Doctorow...and More
posted: September 15, 2009
Here's a portrait I did for the Book Review section of the Christian Science Monitor, of E. L. Doctorow. His novel, Homer & Langley, about the Collyer brothers, infamous New York City hoarding hermits, is out on the bookshelves this month. These eccentric brothers, who lived in a four-story brownstone in Harlem that was packed floor-to-ceiling with junk, have inspired authors before, among them Marcia Davenport in My Brother's Keeper, and Stephen King in Salem's Lot.

Playwrights have found inspiration in them too (Richard Greenberg's The Dazzle) and in movies and TV shows (Unstrung Heroes and Frasier and The Honeymooners). Check out the wikipedia article about the Collyer brothers, it's a fascinating read.

My portrait shows Doctorow with a pile of stuff that features things that were documented to be found in the Collyer brothers' house after their death, according to Wikipedia...if you look closely, you'll spy:

Model T Ford

upright pianos

grand piano




stacks of newspapers


dressmaker dummy

hope chest

"cursed" armchair brother Homer died in.
And here are a few other editorial pieces I've done in recent weeks, both painterly and woodcut style.

Film director Agnes Varda for The Wall Street Journal. Yes, she has two-toned hair....
Rebiya Kadeer, women's rights activist and businesswoman from Uighur region of China, for The Wall Street Journal....
Michael Jackson, as he might have been and as he was, for a Kate Clinton column on race, for The Progressive....
Employees put on furlough, for HR magazine....
And yet another Madoff for The Wall St Journal....