Rush Limbaugh for The Progressive
posted: March 27, 2009
This is an illustration for an article in this month's Progressive, Conservatives in Crisis by Ruth Conniff, about how conservatives are facing an ideological crisis after eight years of Bush and their trouncing in the election.
From the article:

"While Obama is declaring the argument between big-government liberals  and free-market-fundamentalist conservatives over, Rush Limbaugh is  keeping up the fight: 'The battle’s never going to be over, the war is  never going to be over because battles are going to be fought  continually over and over again, because this is who these people  are,' he says. And then he recites the rightwing bromide that FDR  'prolonged' the Great Depression with his New Deal programs."

After reading the article, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to picture Limbaugh as a human cannonball: a sham display of Big Top bravado.