Newt Gingrich for Mother Jones
posted: March 2, 2009
OMMMMM...My God!...
Here's an illustration in this month's issue of Mother Jones, to accompany a story on Newt Gingrich written by their DC bureau chief, David Corn. The article is about how Newt is the only Republican to come out of 2008 looking good, and that the face he's presenting is a kinder, gentler Newt, all "tri-partisan" and Kumbaya. Here's the online article, Dawn of a Newt Age.

They said they'd like something with my "trademark attitude" to open the OutFront section. I came up with several different ideas, and the one they chose was of Guru Newt, the newly enlightened and enlightening leader of the Republican Party.

He's all over the place lately, even pictured on the cover of yesterday's Sunday NY Times magazine. It looks like after their trouncing in the election, the Republicans are desperately looking for someone to give them direction.