Background Quandary
posted: July 15, 2006
I just finished interviewing and painting a dishwasher for a new project I'm working on. My problem was how I wanted to handle the background. For these painted journalism pieces, I like to put the subject in context, but I don't want to veer into being purely descriptive and literal; I like to keep it sort of abstract and interpretative and personal. So, in teh first version of Milton's portrait, I tried putting in all the pots and pans and such, to make it really obvious he's a dishwasher..
But I didn't like it. It was too literal. I didn't want to define him so clearly according to his context. So I re-did the background, and like this one better.
OK, this is the newest incarnation, based on your comments, with more background but not as literal as the first version. I'm not going fuss with it anymore, at this point. I'm going to let it brew a little.