Best Friends
posted: January 7, 2009
Joanie sitting on the stoop we practically lived on as kids....
Joanie grew up down the block from me on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and we became best friends when we were eight.
We did everything together: we snuck onto the train tracks that run under Riverside Park and ran from the "chickee cops" down there, we raced iron age skateboards all over the neighborhood when we outgrew our rollerskates, we pored over Superman and Archie and Veronica from her massive comicbook collection and had sleepover dates every weekend.

When we were 12, we sipped gin from my parents' liquor cabinet in preparation for Saturday night temple dances and both fell in love with Joe up the block. It caused a 6-month rift in our friendship, which was repaired when Joe found love elsewhere.

When we were in our teens we smoked hash and dropped acid and went to Woodstock, where we slept in the mud with a few hundred thousand other kids.

In our later teens we went to bars to meet our future husbands -- for the night -- and began getting married to some of them.
And here it is, nearly 50 years later. Joanie married a rock n roll drummer from Texas, and they have two gorgeous daughters who are out on their own. She works hard, is a shop steward in her union, and plays fierce games of tennis nearly every day of the week in Riverside Park. And she remains my oldest and dearest friend.

I've started a Drawger Show called Best Friends for anyone and everyone to submit drawings or photos of or about their best friends, from childhood on. You don't have to be a Drawgeroo to enter.
Here we are, cuttin' up long ago...