Cover for The Progressive
posted: January 5, 2009
I was asked to do the January 2009 cover of The Progressive along with two interior illustrations. The images had to illustrate two related articles about how activists and progressives need to keep pushing their agendas with Obama and not sink into complacency.

One thing I had to be mindful of was that I didn't want the scenes to look like Obama was being threatened or attacked by activists...I wanted to get across the idea that the activists were urging Obama in the right direction, and that they were all pulling together.

There was a passage in one of the articles that described Obama being very open to hearing different opinions and urging people to call him. So one of the sketches featured Obama in the oval office on a phone with a multitude of wires feeding into it, representing the many voices he'd be listening to and the many problems he faces.
Interior illustration...
Another interior illustration...