McCain for Time
posted: November 3, 2008
A few weeks ago, at about 7:30 pm I got a call from Time Magazine to illustrate an opinion piece about McCain's labelling of himself as a maverick and how it's undermining his chances of being president.
I worked up a few sketches, and they picked the one I liked best -- hooray -- the only change being that I make his kerchief the same kind as the one I did in my Wild West Show painting. I suggested I take off his hat, too, to make him more immediately identifiable as McCain.
The article was bumped, but I think the point of it was a very good one: McCain created his own trap, alienated his base, and never really explained his dissension from the Republican party line sufficiently to attract Independents.
Let's see if the voting tomorrow proves the article's point.
Some sketches...