A New Expression
posted: November 5, 2007
This is a piece that Bryan Gray of Genesis Design asked me to do for one of the magazines he art directs. The story was about a young woman doing an interview for her college newspaper of an especially spiritual young man who turns the tables on her, asking her a series of perplexing and thought provoking questions. I really liked trying to convey her puzzled look; I can't remember painting this kind of expression before.

A really fun part of this assignment was that my young friend, Faith, who lives in Africa, posed for it! I sent her a camera a couple of years ago, so she's taken lots of pictures for me over the years. When I got this assignment, I asked her to pose, and I described what I was looking for and all that. Isn't that remarkable? To have a girl in Africa pose for an assignment here, all these many thousands of miles away! And to have a relationship like that, bridging so many gaps.

Another really cool thing is, when I told Bryan Gray about having her pose, after the fact, out of nowhere he said he could rustle up a $100 model fee for her!! So I'm sending her the $100 for modelling for a magazine article in America! What a world.