The Future is Now (Almost)
posted: October 17, 2007
Plastic Logic e-paper (Credit: Plastic Logic)...
There's a terrific article on the TFOT website (The Future of Things) about the history and development of electronic paper.

What is e-paper? In the article, Nick Sheridon, who invented what became the basis for e-paper, says, "[It will be] a cylindrical tube, about 1 centimeter in diameter and 15 to 20 centimeters long, that a person can comfortably carry in his or her pocket. The tube will contain a tightly rolled sheet of e-paper that can be spooled out of a slit in the tube as a flat sheet, for reading, and stored again at the touch of a button. Information will be downloaded—there will be simple user interface—from an overhead satellite, a cell phone network, or an internal memory chip. This document reader will be used for e-mail, the Internet, books downloaded from a global digital library that is currently under construction, technical manuals, newspapers (perhaps in larger format), magazines, and so forth, anywhere on the planet. It will cost less than $100, and nearly everyone will have one!"

I believe that this is the future of print, and our work will wind up being viewed on this stuff. It's a fascinating read and prospect to contemplate.