Faith in Africa
posted: July 17, 2007
Farewell, Mother...
I've created a new gallery here on Drawger to house some of the paintings from a book I've been working on called Faith in Africa, about my friend Faith and her life in Zimbabwe.

In a world that seems increasingly disconnected, Faith, a 22-year-old AIDS orphan in Zimbabwe and I, a 53-year-old writer/artist in New York, have managed to forge a relationship across 8,000 miles, that has transformed both our lives.

What began as a short note to a girl in Africa has become my window onto a landscape I'd never imagined—the one that Faith traversed daily, a bleak terrain of crushing poverty, death and chaos. What I've discovered, through letters and photographs and telephone conversations, is that even against such a backdrop, Faith is steadfast and brimming with hope and aspirations.
Faith cooking at her Granny's home...