Rejected and Dejected
posted: December 12, 2006
One of the pictures I entered, of a New York City scuba diver....
I made a mention of being rejected by the Society of Illustrators Annual competition thing in a comment on my David Gothard thread, but I felt like making a separate post about it today.

I've never entered any competition before. I've been lucky: I've always had plenty of work and clients, and I never paid any attention to the World of Illustration. Just drew pictures and did my own thing.

But joining Drawger made me feel like I wanted to be a part of The Club. So I entered the SI thing. I was so excited; I really thought I was gonna get in. But I didn't.

I'm hoping other people might share some of their rejection stories here ... you know, misery loves company; help me feel like less of a loser. But it's probably a lot to ask, since publicly talking about being rejected may not be the most appealing topic of conversation!