Laura Tallardy Profile
posted: December 4, 2006
I recently met with Laura Tallardy, age 23, and learned a little about her roots in anime and her outlook on illustration today.

"I don't really remember how old I was when I started to draw. I know I was little and I remember my mom was watching Seinfeld and I was working on a Sailor Moon drawing -- Sailor Moon is an old cartoon show that I was just really, really into.

"After Sailor Moon, I kind of got into the whole Japanese animation thing. Anime was really starting to take off then and I thought , 'Oh, my goodness, this is so cool!' So doing fan art kind of carried me through high school and then I went to art school and then I was like,'Okay, now it's time to draw people and boxes and boring stuff.'

"One thing is, I'm not good at drawing men. It's not that I don't like drawing them; it’s just that I can't. So, all my guys are just kind of like very husky girls with wider jaws and shorter hair.

"My favorite piece is the one of the girls sitting out on the couch and they're all drinking. I just had such a blast with that. It was for an article on what you do if you go to a party and everybody is drinking and you don’t want to drink or smoke or anything. I'd just graduated from school, and I was like, 'Oh! Cool! I get to draw a party!' I just had a lot of fun and put like all of my favorite friends in and everything and they were just all like drunk and falling all over the place and everybody loved it. I think I had such a great time on it, that it really came through. That's my all-time favorite.

"I've noticed there's a very distinct generational gap between illustrators, and it pisses me off, actually. The older illustrators tend to be lot more like, 'Oh! We used to get paid so much more and, you know, our work used to be everywhere and it used to be just fabulous! Being an artist now is nothing: illustration is dead.' It’s ridiculous! Every product that comes out has illustration on it! You know, somebody had to illustrate my coffee mug! Maybe we're not sitting around like celebrities any more but, you know, all my friends, they're in office jobs; one of them is working like at a convenience store... so, you know, I think it’s incredible that I can go out and seriously get a career out of drawing!"