Yesterday, Edel Kissed Me
posted: October 19, 2006
Edel, in person....
Yesterday afternoon I took the subway up to the offices of Time magazine for a meeting with Edel.

Going through security was a breeze, except that I had forgotten my wallet, so I had no ID. But they phoned up to him, and he gave me clearance. I was IN!

He met me at the elevator and kissed me. Not once, but TWICE. Very continental! He led me back to his office with an aerial view of 6th Avenue. Who would have guessed the taxis would look so small?

Arrayed on the walls were his numerous medals and awards, as well as a bulletin board jammed with promotional postcards from famous illustrators (some of whom are members of this select circle). Although I've never sent out promotional postcards, I still felt disappointed to see none of mine up there.

We went over to MOMA and had a lovely three hour lunch, during which he told me everything. EVERYTHING.

I walked him back to his offices at Time, where we hugged and I got another double-smacker. He said to come back and visit anytime. ANYTIME.

I slept late this morning, till 6, so I haven't had time to transcribe the interview, but I just had to paint his picture. The first of MANY.