Profile of a Fashionphile
posted: October 16, 2006
Silke wears her favorite bloomers...
Walking around town in the crush of dedicated followers of fashion, every once in a while I spy a singular soul who makes a fashion statement all their own. Here's Silke, recently arrived from San Francisco, who dresses to fit her mood and encourage conversation.

Silke's thoughts on dressing up:

"I definitely use clothes a lot; it's not just throwing something on to get through the day. I use it for my mental state and how I relate to the world. It kind of came about without my intention, but I realized that the way the world interacts with me really changes according to what I'm wearing.

"I grew up in San Francisco, which has a much greater whimsical and childlike quality than New York. Even among those who are making a profession of playing, like performance artists or people who make a profession of throwing events or parties, it's very serious in New York.

"I get more attention in New York than I have anywhere else. I think that in San Francisco people try to act like they don't care about anything; you're not supposed to make a fuss about anything--everything's down-low. In New York there's definitely more engagement with people."

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Silke bemused....