JFK Attacked by a Martian!
posted: October 12, 2006
The REAL conspiracy revealed!...

When Topps reissued Mars Attacks cards in the mid-90's, I was asked to do a few. This was particularly fun for me, since my dad, Norm Saunders, was the guy who painted the original ones, back in the early 60's.

Although dad died in '89, I felt like we were working together on these. In fact, we worked together on the first set, too: at the age of nine, when he was away from his drawing board, I used to sneak in and "perfect" his paintings for Mars Attacks (which meant painting extra eyelashes on the girls and extra highlights on the martians). I asked him years later if he knew I did that, and he said sure he did, and that he'd just fix up what I'd done. What a great guy.