Puerto Rico Schwinn Club
posted: October 11, 2006
Here's Juan, one of the younger guys in a Bronx Puerto Rico Schwinn Club.

Juan has loved bicycles since he was a little boy in Puerto Rico, when, at the age of nine, he washed cars and cleaned patios to save up the money to buy his first decorated bike.

Juan says:

I go to Pedro’s house every day before work, to meet and discuss what we’re going to do with the bicycles. In the morning before work, and then after work, at 3 o’clock, me and Pedro talk more about the bicycles.

One of the reasons I like the bicycles is that you’re not in Puerto Rico, so the bicycle is like a memory of where you came from.

Why bicycles and not cars? Because they’re smaller and there’s less pollution and you can keep them up in your house, and you don’t have to look outside and watch it all the time: it’s right there in your house.

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Juan's face...