The Closet Fearie
posted: September 22, 2006
Hobbenthooth, the Closet Fearie...

I remember being terrified of opening my closet door at night, when I was a little girl. I used to think there was a dead body hanging in there. It didn't help to alleviate my fear when my brother found out about it and hung a dummy he made from pillows and dressed up in his clothes from the hanger bar in there.

Here's the Closet Fearie that started the whole thing, and his rhyme:

This Fearie's known as Hobbentooth,
It tickles him enormously
When you're afraid the closet is
The home to a Monstrosity.

Hobbentooth's not neat a bit,
He likes for there to be a mess,
So if the closet's jumbled up
He's there forever, more or less.

So tidy up the closet and
You'll find when he packs up and goes,
Monstrosity will follow him,
And you'll have room to hang your clothes.