posted: September 21, 2006
Abrogette, the Bug Fearie....
I was plagued by childhood fears, so I've been working on a children's book I wrote called Fearies, which is about the dastardly little Fearies who get their kicks inflicting childhood fears on kids. Each Fearie has an Achilles heel, though, that can give the kid a way to overcome them.

This is the Bug Fearie, and here's the rhyme to go with her:

This Fearie's name is Abrogette,
What causes her to look so smug
Is if you scream or hide your eyes
When you come across a bug.

Although she looks as tough as nails
Inside she's just a scaredy cat
So this is what you need to do,
If you want to make her scat:

Next time a bug fills you with dread,
Just make a spooky sound or two,
Abrogette will run away,
And that's what's called a bugaboo.