Casting a Vote
posted: September 14, 2010
Me standing next to my piece....
After casting my ballot today in the Democratic primary here in New York City, I began thinking about the contrast between voting here and the experiences of so many people in other countries who have to take their life in their hands to do what I so casually did this morning.

A little background:

Back on June 19, 2009, I was moved to make a picture about the election protests in Iran, and I posted it here on Drawger. A couple of months later, in August, I was contacted by an Iranian photographer to contribute to an exhibit he was organizing to show the art of designers and illustrators from around the world in support of the Green Movement in Iran.

The posters wound up on the SocialDesignZine website, and many more artists joined in.

150 posters from that exhibit, including my own, are now on display at the gallery at the School of Visual Arts, in a show titled “Where is My Vote: Posters for the Green Movement in Iran”. So after voting today, I decided to walk over and see the exhibit.

The way the art is displayed is really powerful: all the images are on placards jutting out of ballot boxes and walking around the room you feel like you’re a part of the protest. It’s a really strong and inventive way of showing the art.

I walked away feeling very moved by the struggle of people fighting to have a say in their own lives, and very grateful to be living where and when I do.
One of the four rooms of posters....

Another room...

And another...