Cool Tool Accessory
posted: May 26, 2010

I found the greatest thing this week!

I draw and paint on my wacom the same way as when I was working traditionally. The only problem is, my slightly sweaty hand sometimes sticks to the wacom tablet a tiny bit as I make a sweeping stroke across it, causing a “stutter” in the arc of the stroke. Washing my hands frequently and command-z were the best I could come up with to keep the consequences of the friction of my hand against the wacom to a minimum.

All that changed when I discovered this lightweight one-pinky glove called SmudgeGuard. I was doing a search for “sticking wacom”, for a different issue entirely: lately my double-clicking with the wacom pen point has been sort of stalling and I was looking around to see if this was a common problem with a hopefully easy solution.

In the process of searching, I found this glove. I decided to order it ($15), and wonder of wonders, it works perfectly! My brushstrokes are smooth on the first try and the command-z combination is feeling neglected on my keyboard.

According to the website, it’s the brainchild of a young woman, Jeannie, and you can read her story here.

All I can say is, it works great and I wanted to let other sticky-handed wacom users out there know about it!