Mirror, Mirror
posted: September 13, 2006

I was going to post an article here about how to pronounce my name, and I figured I'd use a self portrait to accompany it. I'd started one about a year ago that I thought I'd use but when I was looking at it, I felt it didn't really look enough like me, and decided to work on it some more.

In re-painting it, I was struck, as I have been whenever doing a self portrait, by how hard it is to achieve a balance between truth and beauty, when painting myself. I often exaggerate unflattering things in my face, focusing on sags or lines and the painting can turn out with a haggard or somber or sour expression. But then when I make it prettier, I feel I'm not being honest.

I think I may have been too easy on myself in this one. But maybe I'm wrong.