Ken Salazar at Teapot Point
posted: May 12, 2010
For the new issue of The Progressive, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar being held at teapot point.

From the article by Terry Tempest Williams:

“I want to support Secretary Salazar. I want to believe in his intentions to create a broad based constituency for America’s Treasured Landscapes. But listening to only the radical right and compromising the core values inherent in public lands is not a sign of strength ... It is a short-term hand-off to a vocal few at the expense of both the land and its rightful stewards...

“... How sad that what the conservation community in this country managed to fight off, bad public lands policies initiated within George W. Bush’s administration, Secretary Salazar gave away all by himself. If this is the kind of public lands policy that is being established by our own ‘progressive’ Administration, friendly to environmental concerns, we are in trouble.”