posted: March 30, 2010
Some woodcutty things I’ve done lately. There’s a great sense of freedom for me when I work in this way: it’s much more forgiving than painting, I can take more liberties with the interpretation of the characters, and there’s something very liberating about taking a more graphic approach.
I guess I could sum it up by saying I like it lots.

Above is for a Christian Science Monitor book review of The Bridge, David Remnick’s bio of Obama. The faces pictured inside Obama are some of the people that the reviewer cites as having played an important role in who and where Obama is:
Alice Palmer
Bobby Rush
Jesse Jackson
Martin Luther King
John Lewis
Bill Ayers
Rev Joseph Lowery
Richard Hatcher
Below, there's a new sheriff in town, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. The deputies pictured behind her are Labor Solicitor Patricia Smith and assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, David Michaels. For The Nation. Been getting a lot of print requests for this one; she has fans!
Composer Garrett Fisher for The Wall St Journal
And economist Gary Becker for The Wall St Journal this past weekend.